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How to make an ourWorld Video (Method #1)

If you’ve ever wondered how you can make an ourWorld Video then wonder no more! I’ll show you two ways, in a two part post, on how you can become an ourWorld director:

Step 1 – Be a photographer!

Capture ourWorld photos and save them to your album.

Step 2 – Send an Email!

Send the photos to your email address.

Step 3 – You got mail!

Check your email for the photos you sent.

Step 4 – Save! Save! Save!

Save the picture to your desktop/computer.  Depending on your browser, you will have to use the “Save As” button.


  • DON’T delete any pictures from your ourWorld account until you are SURE they emailed and you got it in your email.
  • DON’T refresh ourWorld before saving the pictures because if you refresh, any picture that isn’t uploaded will get removed.
  • You can use the Print Screen button.  The PRTSC Button takes a photo of your current screen and copies it to your clipboard.

Once you save the pictures to your computer, you will have to open Windows Movie Maker or a different “Video Editor”.  Video editors allow you to add effects, transitions, titles, credits, music and much more.  I use Windows Movie Maker.  If you don’t have Windows Movie Maker then can download it for free.  Yes, I said FREE.  Just follow the link below:


If you don’t know how to use Windows Movie Maker, search for guides on the net or search Youtube.  It’s so easy.  And no movie can be done without a video editing program, unless you use the second way of creating a video… which will be posted very soon in my How to Make an ourWorld Video (Method #2).

Example of a video created using this method:

How To Make An ourWorld Video (Method #1)[ourGemCodes]

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