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Interview with Slow and A X E-Catwalk Contest Masters

Today OGC is proud to present two of the most successful people on the Catwalk, Slow and A X E.  We are so happy to have them join us and answer a few questions about OurWorld Contests.


OGC: Thanks for joining us, Slow and A X E.  Could you please tell the readers a little about yourselves.
Slow: Hi, My Avi name is Slow (siow), which is short for Slowpoke. Axe and I met at the Catwalk over a year ago. We both share the love for contests and have been entering them together now for about 7 months. I enjoy the fashion of Ourworld. I enjoy spending time with my friends, creating new outfits, gardening, decorating my condo and, of course, the contests.
Axe: My Avi name is AXE. I enjoy collecting rare items, hanging out with friends, waiting for the new items and features OW is coming out with, and also entering contests.

OGC: How long have you been playing OurWorld?
Slow:I just celebrated my 2nd year on Ourworld last week
Axe: About a year and a half.

OGC: Why did you start entering contests?
Slow: At first it was something new to do, and I entered for grins.  Then I found I could actually win some of them and that fueled my passion for the catwalk scene.
Axe: I started going to the catwalk for my friends to help them try to win and, after a while of voting for my friends, I decided to enter them.

OGC: About how many contests have you placed First, Second or Third in?
Slow: I have about 18 first place badges, 13 2nd & 20 3rd place wins.
Axe:8 golds, 3 silver, and 5 bronze.

OGC: Do you prefer Fashion Show or Photo contests and why?
Slow: I prefer the Photo contests over the fashion contest. I think it is because the subject matter is taken more seriously by the voters and when you follow theme in Photo, you are more likely to get far. The fashion contests stump me by how many times the winners have nothing to do with the subject matter of the contest.
Axe: Photo contest because we get to show ourselves more and the creativity of it.

OGC: For photo contests, how often do you take new photos versus using ones you’ve already taken?
Slow: A lot of times Axe & I will see how our entries do, how far they get, etc. If the entry doesn’t fair so well, we will go back to the drawing board and come up with a new picture for a particular theme.  If the pictures we currently have do well, we will keep going with it.
Axe: Usually if we have time, we would make a new entries and sometimes replace the old ones if we come up with the new idea.

OGC: What is your fave contest to enter?
Slow: I think i like the “haunted” type contests where you can dress like zombies and monsters and vampires, It really brings out the ghoul in all of us.
Axe: The alien contest, couple contest and fright night contest are my favorite.

OGC: If you could create a new contest category, what would it be?
Slow: Axe & I have talked about this subject a few times.  There are so many areas that haven’t been touched. Candyland, Rainbow Art, Favorite character, Summertime blues. etc…. the list goes on and on
Axe: I would say, Superhero characters, or cartoon characters and a be yourself contest.

OGC: What do you find is the biggest obstacle in entering contests?
Slow: The obstacle of getting the right amount of people you need for your idea, getting the cooperation from all involved in the photo, and being able to hit the click button at just the right time.
Axe: Also the timing of each person doing the moves can be an obstacle.

OGC: Have you ever had a picture stolen from CatWalk and entered by someone else? If so, how did you feel about that?
Slow: Yes I have.  I had people coming up to me telling me they voted for me when I hadn’t even entered that particular contest. I found they thought they were voting for me only to find it was one of my pictures that was taken. It does make me angry that the hard work of some are stolen by others to take the credit for. Not Cool At All To Do.

OGC: Do you have any tips or advice for players considering entering contests?
Slow: Your level doesn’t matter, your “status” doesn’t matter, just come up with a great idea and keep entering it. It will catch on over time.  If at first you don’t succeed, keep trying. It does pay off.
Axe: Just try to be yourself, show your creativity, and have fun.

OGC: Anything else you’d like to tell OGC Fans before we say goodbye?
Slow: Yes, just I just want everyone to remember that levels don’t matter, what you have or don’t have doesn’t matter. It’s how you treat others that truly matters.
Axe: Thank you for having both Slow and I take part in this interview.  It was quite fun.  Once again, thanks OGC and everyone =D

Thank you Slow and A X E for taking time to talk to us about all things Catwalk.  We will be sure to look for your amazing entries when we vote.



Do you enter OurWorld contests?  How do you like them?  What contests would you like to see OurWorld make?  Leave your thoughts and opinions below.

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