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For Volunteers: Playtest/Gem Code

The playtest server has changed!  Volunteers are the only ones who will be able to access it.  If you’re a volunteer and cannot access the playtest, then you’ll need to get your IP added to a list — here’s how:

—[Step One]—

Sign on to ourWorld using your volunteer account

—[Step Two]—

Go to Account > Help

—[Step Three]—

Click Request Help in help window

—[Step Four]—

Select Volunteer from the drop down menu

—[Step Five]—

Step Five: Click the pic to go to WIMI to get your IP address. You'll see it at the top of the page. It should be a series of numbers. Write it down!

—[Step Six]—

Step Six: Type this message using your IP from step five. Copy paste the one below if you want, just remember to replace it with your IP.

“I am a volunteer on ourWorld and cannot access the playtest server.My IP address is: xx.xxx.xx.xxx


  • If you are not a volunteer but would like to be one, we can tell you how! Just click here.
  • Once your IP address is approved, you must make a new account on the playtest.
  • If you do not know the playtest link, CLICK HERE. You must sign in OR register in the forums with your ourWorld volunteer account to see the topic.
  • There will be a gem code just for the playtest released every two weeks. Wylde will post it in the forum mentioned above. Here is the latest one:

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