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We all know those people who dress up as though they have a million rares and want to show them off all at once…and there are those with the uber popular super rares such as Midnight Crow Wings and Demon’s Eyes who wear them with every single outfit they make. But sometimes you’re like me, and you don’t want to waste all your energy running after these rares. I make outfits out of the items inside newer mystery boxes, seasonal holidays, and with monthlies.

Step 1 – Save up Gems.


This is the most important tip I can give anyone. Saving Gems enables you to buy items you really want to make cool outfits. Also, if you save for a long enough time, you can have enough Gems to splurge on those expensive mystery boxes. Don’t spend on something now if it means saving for something better in the future!

Step 2 – Coordinate what you already have.

If you use lots of different colours in one outfit, it’s likely you are going to look really silly! It’s good to make sure what colours go well together, and to use pieces with two or more different colours to match other pieces. For example, I have a black and white dress I bought during Halloween 2012. Now, black and white go really well together, and I’m sure I have a couple of other pieces that are also black or white and will match this dress. I have a pair of white wings and some black shoes, so my outfit looks good! Best of all, I don’t look particularly Halloween-y because the dress is plain enough to match with other non-Halloween items.


Step 3 – Watch for themes.

OurWorld does a really good job of making up themes for each season. Last August, we got the chance to buy the elf-themed Oberon’s Daylight/Nightshade mystery boxes, the new Atlantis box, and the Safari themed box. These boxes did a great job with all their different themes for the summer. OurWorld also tends to watch what’s going on in popular culture at the moment…I don’t doubt they decided to release the new Oberon mystery box while seeing how popular the movie series The Hobbit was!

Also, if you don’t have a variety of colours in your closet, you can make outfits based on the theme of the items you have. For example, I have a variety of ninja items, but one item is blue and the other is red. I used a variety of other white and black ninja items to balance the two different colours out, and because the outfit was ninja themed, it didn’t look so bad.

Step 4 – Buy stuff on the Marketplace.

If you’re like me and you want to save up your gems, checking through the Marketplace is a good way to find items that will match what you already have. Sometimes you will have completely missed a mystery box but you’ll still want the items that were inside. Chances are you’ll find what you want on the Marketplace, so it’s a good way to catch up on what you’ve missed and even to start outfits by buying cheaper items first. So be sure to use the test-mode 42 cheat and save up your coins!

Some other tips:

  • Match up colours that go well with each other. You can match analogous colours (colours that are beside each other on the colour wheel), complementary colours (colours that are opposite each other on the colour wheel such as blue and orange) or even neutrals like beige and brown with other colours.
  • Warm colours are oranges, yellows, and reds while cool colours are blues, purples, and greens. Personally, I like cool colours like the blue-white tones that come out with the winter Frost mystery boxes.
  • Contrasts like neon yellows and pinks on a background of black often make eye-catching (and often eye-burning) outfits. Sometimes it’s nice to shake it up!
  • Buy a few basic black and white items that you can use as a base for your outfits.


Hi there! I'm Snowy, writer, artist, and blogger for Game Card Power! I love making OurWorld outfits and trying out different games. You can always find me on the Game Card Power forums as "Like A Snowflake"!

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