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Things are always changing in ourWorld.  Older items disappear and are replaced with newer items.  For example, if you want to buy a Twilight Party Dress from Lady King then you can’t. However, you can buy the dress from a friend, as long as it’s in their “wishlist” or “current outfit” list.  You can buy a lot of old stuff, not only the Twilight Party Dress…

Here are all the, current, Lady King Dresses you can purchase:

Here’s how to get the Twilight Party Dress

Step 1: Go to a profile who has Twilight Party Dress
in their wishlist or is wearing it

Step 2: Click “Wishlist” button or “Current Outfit” button.
Then search the item you want to buy:

Step 3: Buy the item and look super HOT! :D

This is not working for rare, super rare or monthly items. You can buy only normal items that are no longer in shops anymore :D

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