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ourWorld Islands: The Pier

The Pier

—[Sky Scope]—

  • Click here to see the very beginnings of DownWorld.
  • Move your cursor over the “I” icons to reveal more about DownWorld.

—[Splatter Box]—

—[Poker Cabana]—

How to transfer coins through Poker Cabana:

  1. Open ourWorld in separate windows
  2. Log-in one window with your main account and log-in the other window with your n00b.
  3. Go to Poker Cabana and choose the 5,000 coin buy-in (make sure you’re in a hot tub with no one else in it).
  4. Go all-in with your n00b. Win with your main.
  5. Repeat step 4 until the desired amount of coins is transferred.

Poker Cabana is also known as Hot Tub Poker ;)


Click to see HQ
  1. Take great close-up shots of you and your friends
  2. Simply click the booth and walk right in.  Up to 3 people can join you.
  3. You can select from any of the background pictures above.
  4. Each person can also select their own personal zoom preference.
  5. Click the “Take Photo” button.  Look for the picture in your photo album.

—[Pop Arcade]—

Plants vs Zombies!


Bejeweled 2

Pier Trivia and Fun Facts:

– The Pier is only accessible to players who are level 2 or higher.
– Azia can be found in the middle of The Pier. You may accept challenges from her at level 2.
– Doug Bot can be found in front of Pop Arcade. You may accept challenges from him at level 6.
– The Pier connects to Boardwalk and Soho.

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