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Basics: How To Make ourWorld Run Faster

As some people know, ourWorld tends to have a lot of bugs and traffic.  These things will make ourWorld run slow, but here’s a way to help us solve this problem.  And it can help ourWorld run faster for you!  Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Fast Web Broswers
ourWorld will run faster if you play through a fast browser.  Google Chrome and Opera are the fastest web browsers.

Step 2: Change the Quality
If ourWorld is still running slow for you, change the quality by right-clicking anywhere and going down to quality —> low

ourWorld Quality

Step 3: Close other windows
Still running slow for you?!  Try closing all other windows and processes.  This will make any program run faster because all your computer’s resources can focus on one thing.

If none of these help… then you might want to think about getting a better internet connection or faster computer.  If you have other ways to make ourWorld run faster then feel free to leave a comment!  Thanks  ^_^

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