The Top 4 Most Abandoned Places in ourWorld

Have you ever wondered which is the most Abandoned Place in ourWorld? These are the Top 3 Most Abandoned Places in ourWorld!

#4 Sideshow Theater


 The sideshow is located on the boardwalk.  No one is ever there, like, EVER.

#3 Battle Station


 Battle Station is the 3rd Most Abandoned Place in ourWorld. It’s located in the Beat Street and as you can see in the picture above, very few people visit that place.

#2 Poker Cabana


Poker Cabana takes the 2nd place for the Most Abandoned Places in ourWorld. It is located in the Pier and almost nobody enter that room even though it used to be more popular in the past.

#1 Toxic Beach


Finally,  the Most Abandoned Place in ourWorld is the Toxic Beach. The Toxic Beach is a secret place where you can go through the Beach (Click here for more info), that means you should be a Resident or a Zoe’s Club Member to enter. This place is always completely empty, it seems like people doesn’t have fun there.

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