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Throw Items


Throw Items are attainable at level 12:
+Regular items cost five gems
+Weatherby, in wonderland, gives items.
+Crew Elevator gives Reverso, Burnt toast,or Baby bottle.
+Fashion Show has unique throwables

* = Cannot buy with gems




Click throw gun (Must be level 12 to use)

Select desired throw item

Click someone to throw

Regular Throw Items



Kid Kandy

Love Potion

Get super skinny! Can be used more than once!

Fatten up! Can be used more than once!

Eat candy and turn into a kid! Can be used more than once!

Glow pink with the love potion! Watch hearts spiral out of you!

Paint Bucket

Paint Ball

Pixel Grenade

Water Balloon/Squirt Gun

Turn orange! Wash it off with squirt gun/water balloon

Turn yellow! Wash it off with squirt gun/water balloon

Pixel confetti will fly everywhere for two seconds

Little bubbles will appear briefly from these items

Special Throw Items


Cupid’s Bow

Laser Gun

Special Halloween item that you can't buy with gems. Turn ghost-like

Hearts spiral out of chest (Click to see how you can get it!)

Turn bright green from a laser beam (Click to see how you can get it!)

Crew Items (Won’t affect you or your crew members!)

Burnt Toast*

Burnt Toast*

Heating up!

Burned to a crisp!



It's growing bigger!

Put everyone in the negative!

Baby Bottle*

Baby Bottle*

If the avatars haven't loaded completely yet, it look like they are using a shrink potion.

Try throwing items at characters like Zoe or Volla and see what happens!

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