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Throwing a successful party!

Want to throw a successful party?!  Now you can with the new event feature!  While some parties are hard to compete with, such as the ourgemcodes weekly party, you can still make sure your party is one to remember!

Choose your theme
Is it a birthday party?  Easter party?  An umbrella party?  Whatever the occasion, make sure you decorate accordingly!

Don’t spend too much on your party, unless you’re planning an annual holiday party.  This way you can reuse your decorations every year!  Decorate according to the theme.  For instance, don’t fill your condo with winter furniture if your theme is “Summer Fun.”  Start with wallpaper and flooring.  If you can’t find a good wallpaper, throw the party in your garden and use a theme!  After you have your basic wallpaper and flooring, move on to furniture.  If your wallpaper and flooring are good enough, you might not need furniture!

Tip- If you don’t plan on throwing a holiday party, buy some of the holiday furniture anyways! You might throw a party in the future, or want to throw a party with a similar theme!

Setting up your party
See here for how to put your party on the Events Board.  Make sure to include in your description if you want the guests to dress in a certain way.

Having fun!
Good parties have activities, music, and more!  Maybe for a Christmas party you could go caroling at a Buzz, or for a summer party hang out at the Beach!  Just make sure that everyone gets back to the party condo!  The more guests the merrier!  Your parents may have told you that having too many people at a party makes for a bad time because you can’t enjoy yourself, but you don’t have to worry about refilling chip bowls or taking care of broken vases on ourWorld!  Have a photo shoot! Recreate your favorite scene from a movie! Create a outfit rainbow!  See how much lag you can generate by dancing, saying random stuff, and changing your outfit non-stop all at the same time!  Then snap a random photo!  This is a great way to capture glitches!

If you’re advertising your party somewhere other than Events, be sure to include your time zone and a link to a time zone converter.  I can’t count the number of times I’ve thrown a party and had no one show up because they live somewhere else!  If no one shows, reschedule!  Don’t let perfectly good furniture go to waste!

Have fun!

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