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There are certain perks that come with being a resident. One of these perks is exclusive items. Every month, residents will receive a limited condo item. They’ve all been listed below. Click to enlarge an image

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Resident Glasses


November Wizard Theme (2010)

October Haunted House (2010)

September Hidden Grove Throne (2010)

August Beach Theme (2010)

July Moon Phase Decal (2010)

June Bear Chair (2010)

May Disco Ball (2010)

April Sacred Tree (2010)

March Wonderland Theme (2010)

February Tiger Bed (2010)

January Bzzt Bench (2010)

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December Fireplace (2009)
November Amp (2009)
October Coffin Wardrobe (2009)
September Mystery Map (2009)
August Super Hero Throne (2009)
July Light Projector (2009)
June Anubis Dresser (2009)
May Stormy View Background (2009)
April Stormy Showers Throne (2009)
March Leprachaun Decor (2009)
February Sugar Star Heart Window (2009)

January Ox Lamp (2009)

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December Christmas Tree (2008)

November Radiobot (2008)

October Halloween Bed (2008)

September Dragon Fountain (2008)

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