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May 2015 Flowerbed

Residents Only

[pageview url=”http://cdn-ssl.ourworld.com/i/objects/resident_items/may_15/frame2.swf” title=”ourWorld May 2015 Flowerbed”]

The May 2015 Flowerbed will be granted to ALL residents in May 2015.  So this means, if you become a resident ANY TIME during May; you will get the item above.  Got it?  Good. This item can be placed anywhere in your condo.  Just don’t try to place it on the ceiling or anything because that won’t work, duh!

Um… I should mention to all the newcomers what ourWorld residency entails:

  • Monthly Item (as shown above)
  • You get gems to spend (you’ll end up spending them in 60sec. or less)
  • You get access to exclusive places like the beach (which is kinda empty these days)
  • You get a triangle by your name (triangles are status symbols in ourworld. illuminaty confurm’d)
  • Let’s see what else you get, hm… (i forget so i’ll just stop listing now BECAUSE…….)

Now listen here people who don’t like to read.  I never make long posts typing stuff with my fragile delicate fingers SO READ THIS!  THE ONLY REASON RESIDENCY IS GOOD IS TO TRADE ON MARKETPLACE.  You’ll never get rich unless you trade.

Also, this post took me a total 10 minutes to complete.  Mostly because I have to make a featured image for every post.  There should be a faster way to auto-generate featured images.  I’ll have to look into that. Day 5. Done.

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