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Rare Item Sunday: Snow Sparkle potion

Sparkle, sparkle, sparkle. It’s a sparkling Sunday. *O* Oh yes yes, it’s a Sunday again! Did you missed me fellow readers? *No response*

This week Rare Item would be:


Snow Sparkle Potion is an item from December 2009. It has been popular for many years.  It has a MPA of 31,112,185. The last sale price is 31,500,000. Snow Sparkle Potion may be hard to trade even though it’s popular. The worth of Snow Sparkle Potion is 30-32 million. The worth has increased by 15 million since December 2012. It matches most of the outfit especially Winter Outfits.

What do you think of Snow Sparkle Potion? Would you trade it regardless of the worth and MPA?

Do you want to suggest a rare item? You can do that now by sending a message to OurWorld Name: EMLLY. What are you waiting for? Send your suggestions now!

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