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Rare Item Sunday: Vampire Teeth


For this week Rare Item Sunday, The item is:


Vampire Teeth, one of the most popular items in OurWorld, has been increasingly popular in these few months. Vampire Teeth was a monthly item from October 2009. Its worth and MPA has also increased by 30 million between October and December.

It is high in demand. It has a Marketplace Average Price(MPA) of 117,823,600.Its current worth(how much people are willing to trade for) is 200-230 million. The last sale price of the item is 180,500,000. With Vampire teeth, you may get good offers due to its popularity. However, Vampire Teeth’s worth may fluctuates between time hence leading to a risk in trade. Other than the fluctuations of the MPA or worth, vampire teeth is suitable for most of the outfits occasions.

What do you think of Vampire Teeth? Would you trade for Vampire Teeth? Why and Why not?


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