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Top 5 Most Expensive Items (Girls) in 2013

Have you ever wondered what the most expensive items are in ourWorld? Well now we post some of the most expensive items for females. Here are the top 5:

 #5 Fall Hair


The fifth most expensive item for girls is the Fall Hair. This hair was in stores for the Halloween of 2008. Also the Fall Hair was available only for the female members of Ourworld. Its price today is 300 million coins.

#4 Clown Nose (Yellow)


Clown Noses were available in stores for the Halloween of 2009. There are many colors of Clown Noses such as Green, Blue, Red , Yellow, Black for males and Pink, Blue, Red, Yellow, Black for females. Today the price of the Yellow Clown Nose is 350 million coins.

#3 Vampire Teeth


This Vampire teeth originally came in the October 2009 Monthly Set.  The Vampire Teeth is a very common item to most of us.  This item takes the third place in our list of The Most Expensive Items for Girls because it’s price today is 350 million coins!

#2 Magician Hat (Black)


All the colors of the Magician Hats are expensive but the most expensive Magician Hat is the Black one. This item was available for purchase in the Halloween of 2008. After 5 years (2013) it’s price is over 350 million coins.

#1 Demon Eyes

demon eyes

As always Demon Eyes take the first place in this list. Demon Eyes could be found in Fright Mystery Boxes of 2009. Demon Eyes are very popular in Ourworld, that makes this item costs over 390 million coins!

 It seems  like all the expensive items come from the Halloween.

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