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Gift Card – Pixie Pet?

Hey y’all,
So you guys probably know that you can purchase the new Resident Gift Card on this site.

Click The Image. Buy a Card!

Not only do you get 300 Gems + 1 whole month of Residency, but you even get a FREE pixie pet.  That’s right!  It’s even better than mailing in $10, because you’ll get a code instantly.  AND you’ll get an exclusive Sprite.

But the real question is, what pixie pet did you get?
If you have purchased a Resident Gift Card before, which of the 3 exclusive pixie pet did you receive?

  • Damien The Demon
  • Monty The Monster
  • Ferdinand The Floating Cat
  • Click here to see images of all the game card pixie pets
    Oh, and do also include the date you keyed in your PIN code! (:

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