How to View Coin Items in the Marketplace

The ourWorld marketplace can get pretty unorganized when it comes to finding a particular item we want.  If only ourWorld had a way to search for an item, or perhaps, even, set up a direct trade by going to a player’s profile.  That would make finding a specific item a whole lot easier.

But we can’t complain.  At least we have some features.  You can choose to view items in the marketplace that are either up for trade or up for coins.  The default view is all of them, mixed into one very unorganized mess.  To clean it up, follow these quick and easy steps:

Step 1 – Go to the Marketplace

Step 2 – Choose a category (Clothing, Condo, Enchantments, Tattoo’s)

Step 3 – In the left-corner, click the bar under “Show”.  It should extend and show you these options: All, Trades and For Coins.  You may also choose how coin items are listed, either from low to high or high to low.

Ta-da!  Now you can see only trades or sales!  It’s magic!

Marketplace Prices (How price increase effects the marketplace) [ourGemCodes]

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