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May 31st Updates Pt. III

[Fuzzy Wuzzy & Super Crystal Key]

The theme for the monthly items is Fuzzy Wuzzy bear!!!

Residents will get a cool Fuzzy Wuzzy Bear Chair for their condo next month.

Everyone will be able to purchase Fuzzy Wuzzy Jacket and Backpack

There is also a new key for Skeleton Key Dungeon. It is most likely for residents only.

—[Fuzzy Wuzzy Items!]—

Monthly Items: Fuzzy Wuzzy Jacket & Fuzzy Wuzzy Backpack

Monthly Resident Item: Fuzzy Wuzzy Bear Chair

—[Super Crystal Key!]—

Super Crystal Mystery Key for Residents only.

At Skeleton Key dungeon, this is an animation of a sign sticking out!

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