ourWorld Changed Their Prices, Again?!

ourWorld has made a lot price changes!

Less Expensive:

More Expensive:

Marketplace Items:

Many items from the starlight, otto parts, bejeweled and enchantment stores have become less or more expensive.  Mr Mole’s mystery mart items have changed too.  And after looking at the marketplace, one might think the prices for items have not been this high since, like, ever.  Or perhaps ourWorld is raising prices to create a high demand for in-game items.

Let’s take the Adventure Time Mystery Box, for example, everyone wants one but not everyone can afford 70 gems.  When the price of an item increases, the demand and status for that item increases as well.  Let’s face it, if we could all afford it then we would all buy it.  No one wants an item that you can buy, in-store, for coins.  We want our gem items and the expensive ones too!

But I suppose, in order to have the latest trend, you have to spend gems and gems cost money.  And as you know, “A love of fashion makes the economy go round.”  And fashion is what ourWorld is all about.

Mr. Mole Mystery Mart (January 6th, 2012) [ourGemCodes – OGC]

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