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ourWorld Flash News & Previews: December 20th, 2012 & Jan. 1st, 2013

 It’s a busy month for ourWorld! We will have even more updates soon – features shown below are scheduled to be released December 20th!

Click the image!~

• ourWorld for iPad •

It’s already available in the iTunes Store! If you have an iPad, don’t hesitate to look for the new app which allows you to play ourWorld on your device! ;D

♦ PayNearMe ♦

This option is available in ourWorld.


This payment method is really handy to those who can’t purchase gems with PayPal or credit card.


• Dragon Vehicles •

We will have a new category within the vehicle section! It will be called “Dragon


Price preview:


Requirements: You need to be level 120 to earn a Beast Master Licence! Sadly, players whose levels are below 120 can’t ride dragons.


If you own a dragon, you have a new dance move to add for the price of 5 gems.



◘ More Winter Clothing 2012 ◘

Yes, new clothes for the Christmas holiday are coming your way!

Female Items:


+More Excutive Furniture

♫ New Years 2013 Items ♫

✮ New Years Star Halo ✮

○ January 2013 Monthly Items ○

ourWorld Monthly Items: January 2013 [OurGemCodes]

♥ Jan. 2013 Glimmering Starfield Theme ♥

ourWorld Updates: Jan. 2013 Resident Item [OurGemCodes]


What are your thoughts? Leave us a message in the comments. I’ve been very busy and I didn’t have time to publish more of the Winter Holiday Clothing, as well as New Years items. But I promise you, the items are amazing.


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