ourWorld Updates: 15th of October!

The Halloween updating isn’t finished yet! 

Here are the updates that are currently scheduled to be released on 15th of October!

Credit to: GD UnicornHooker for name icons picture.


Halloween Pixie Pets


Shane The Shadow Crow, Nightmare Aura and Holmes The Hound Of Darkness


 These will be animated.


Halloween Vehicles


Magic Cauldron and Witches Broom


These will be animated too.

Name Icons


The name icons will be the replacement of that yellow triangle and grey star icon next to your name (however you can still keep the star if you are Zoe’s, or triangle if you are Resident).

Only Residents and Zoe’s Club members can use them.

Residents get black and white version, while Zoe’s Club members get colored version.

Icon change will cost 20 gems, and you can change it as many times you want.

These icons are not rare.


**Click on pictures to see them in bigger version**

That’s it for now, do you like the new updates? 

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