ourWorld Updates: New Gem Provider!

A new gem provider is going to be added to ourWorld after the January 30th update! Volume11 will be a replacement for Gambit:

We’ll miss you, Gambit <3

Upcoming ourWorld updates this February:

February 2012 Updates [OurGemCodes]

New February Log In Screen [OurGemCodes]

Friends Elevator [OurGemCodes]

Adventure Time Pets In Enchantment Store [OurGemCodes]


Did you miss me? You totes missed me. I hope you did.. I missed me. But really did or have you did you do you? Hmm? Did you have you had you have you been missing me? Or missed you me miss, missed miss missing... Miss, missed you me missing? Because missing misses are missed by missed missings. ####whatthehellomghashtags

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