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ourWorld Updates: New Super Store Wings!

Are you ready to fly? Because new wings are coming soon to ourWorld! They will be replacing the good-old Super Store ones. EDITED: the old wings WONT be replaced, the more, the new wings will be added to the collection (a little advice – don’t listen to me in the future. LOL.)! Take a look at Monarch, Nacturne Butterfly, Ziz, Metal Dragoon, Messenger, Tattered, Elysian Layered & Gossamer wings!


***Click on the images to see the bigger version!***

Monarch Wings!

Nacturne Butterfly Wings!

Ziz Wings!

Metal Dragoon Wings!

Messenger Wings!

Tattered Wings!

Elysian Layered Wings!

Gossamer Wings!


Time to fly (;

What are your thoughts? Leave us a message in the comments!



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