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What did ourWorld update with this week?  Well here’s a run-down:

As Verix posted earlier, you can now buy the UFO Condo box.  Visit his post to see the awesome items displayed in alien-action (lawl @ alien-action)

UFO Condo Box Theme

Yikes!  Residency Passes have increased to 500 gems each.  Last week they were 200 gems each.

Yay!!  Condo Mystery Box cost 20 gems each!  This is such a good deal.  You should buy one right now, this very moment.  Go. Go.  Before it’s too late!!!

Attention all residents!  Check your condo.  The new Antimatter Resident item should’ve been added to your inventory.  Best item since EVER!!!  Become a resident today ^_^

And last, but not least, the Facebook connect button has been removed.  So in order to connect to ourWorld facebook, you MUST go to facebook.com.  The Facebook connect button should return in a couple weeks, and you should be able to purchase gems with Facebook Credits.  How cool is that?!

That’s the run-down for this week.  Next week, ourWorld should update with the Quantum Fighter Mystery Box set.  We will also announce the winners from our Celebrity Look-Alike contest.  So far, some of the outfits look awesome!  You guys are so creative ^^

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