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September 27th Updates

—[September 27th Updates]—

| Mr.Mole Items | Damian Demon + Buy Residency | Deadly Monthly Items | New Games |

The residency cards are not available in some countries.
However, we will be selling cards on this site.

Click here to see Updates for Sept 20th!

—[New Mr.Mole’s Mystery Mart Items]—

Bone Club
Caterpillar Fat Head
Fat Head Monkey
Pirate Hat
Masquerade Mask (females)
Masquerade Mask (males)
Masquerade Masks 2 (females) - You HAVE to see these in high quality! Click the pic!
Masquerade Mask 2 (male)
Rainbow Cap
Rainbow Scarf
Rainbow Gloves

Bubble Gum

—[Buy Residency in Stores + Damian the Demon]—

Damian The Demon

.:* Soon Kroger, Safeway and Toys R Us will sell gift cards for Residency, Gems and a unique pixie pet. *:.

Safeway, Kroger and Toys ‘R Us will sell residency in their stores near you! You will also get this super rare pixie pet when you purchase residency from them. This is completely separate from the enchanted pass. To find one closest to you, click the links below! But remember, they might not have it just yet!

| Kroger | Safeway | Toys R Us |

—[October Monthly Items]—

Deadly Mask

Deadly Mask Colors

Deadly Scarf
Deadly Scarf
Deadly Scarf Colors

Deadly Scythe
Deadly Scythe Colors

Active: October 1st, 2010

.:* Oct. Deadly Armor, Mask & Scythe. The Grim Reaper has nothing on this ferocious, skull-studded set. *:.

—[New Games]—

Play Cannon Blaster 3

Play Honey Hunter

Note: All updates are tentative. If we find more information we will post it, but until then, they have a hint of uncertainty !

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