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3 ourWorld Bugs You Should Know About

Here are 3 ourWorld bugs you should know about!



If you can’t see, in the picture above (because the red writing blends into the photo like a chameleon blends into it’s surroundings), then here are the steps; listed below:

  1. Go to boardwalk and stand where inside the Randomizer (as shown in the picture above)
  2. Group a friend to your location.  Your friend should be to the right of you (as shown in the picture above)
  3. Leave the room and locate your friend.
  4. You will be in an epic location, as shown below.

Dang dats kewl


Im Jesus

So you want to walk on water like the Holy Christ, himself?  Well  that’s easy.  Here are the steps:

  1. Go to the Beach (must be a resident)
  2. Click on a seat.  Then click on the water.
  3. Right about when reach your destination, click somewhere else on the water.
  4. Your avatar will be walking on water.

It might take a few times but it’s well worth the surprised looked on your friend’s faces, like “OMG JESUS IZ DAT RLLY U O_O”


item store

The limited items appear in stores occasionally.  But we’ve saved them to our avatars so you can buy them anytime you like.  Just search for the two names below in ourWorld and check their wishlist:

  1. Female: Search for “Item Store”
  2. Male: Search for “Items Store”

We hope you enjoyed these three bugs.  If you liked the post, we’ll make more updates in the future of bugs you might find interesting.  Until then, have fun!

Credit: Tangerine, Item Store, & Skye Pie

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