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Ghost Potion Invisibility Trick

With the help of a good friend, I have discovered a unique ghost potion trick. This is how it works!

Step 1: Dress in black, white, or anything that is the color of your OurWorld background.

Step 2: Ghost potion is needed for this trick so go into your inventory and wear it.

Step 3: Wear a matching glow to your outfit (white with white, black with black, purple with purple, etc).

Pre Dance-off:

Step 4: Find a partner to dance battle with so that there will be a “Super Glow” around you. The super glow will be needed to make you invisible.

Step 5: Do one round of the dance off and you’ll then be completely invisible!

Fun Tip:  This is a good way to spy on people. Just make sure your name is hidden depending on where you are! :D


Do you know any other cool secrets? Leave us a message in the comments if you do! ;)


Donny Pie

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