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GLITCH: Watch a video over and over again!


Secret Phrase: Gems are not the most important thing in ourWorld. Love is. And fortunately, I love gems.

STEP 1 : Open UltraWall, then click “Videos”

Open UltraWall

STEP 2 : Watch the video “watsky’s G.O.A.T. speed rap with special guest”

Find the video, and watch it.

STEP 3 : You don’t have to watch it all. Just 10-20 seconds, until you receive your gem.

You have to watch it only for 10-20 seconds, until you get your gem

STEP 4 : Check your ourWorld mail, and see if you got your gem.

Check your mail, to see if you got your gem.

STEP 5 : Just go back and watch it again. ha-ha.

Go back and watch it again and again.



You get 1 gem every time you watch it. And you have to watch it only for 10-20 seconds.

So, if you do this for like an hour – You can about 240 gems.

Watch it now, before it’s fixed!!!

Oh, and credit for the glitch goes to… GeekKat! Thank her. :)

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