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Rainbow Mystery Box ’13

  Will be out in June 10th and will cost 60 gems!

Rainbow Mystery Box 2013 Items

Rainbow Box - Outfit 009

You can see little of the lynx’s movements here.. You know you love this.

Rainbow Box - Female Outfit 001
Female set – jacket, dress, boots, socks, halo and belt.
Rainbow Box - Male Outfit 001
Male set – jacket, shirt, pants, halo and belt.
Rainbow Box - Outfit 002
Rainbow Box - Outfit 003
Handheld and halo
Rainbow Box - Female Outfit 004
female jacket and wings
Rainbow Box - Male Outfit 004
Male jacket and wings
Rainbow Box - Outfit 005
Star bag
Rainbow Box - Female Outfit 006
Female set – jacket, shorts, socks, boots.
Rainbow Box - Male Outfit 006
Male set – jacket, shorts, socks, boots.
Rainbow Box - Female Outfit 007
Female set – bodysuit, decoration, staff, wings, tail and boots.
Rainbow Box - Male Outfit 007
Male set – bodysuit, hair decoration, staff, wings, tail, boots.
Rainbow Box - Outfit 008
Ears, hand cuffs, boots, tail.
Rainbow Box - Outfit 010
Rainbow Box - Outfit 011
Rainbow Box - Female Outfit 012
Female hair
Rainbow Box - Male Outfit 012
Male hair

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

ourWorld really took everyone’s rainbow colored wishes into consideration! What do you think? Leave us a message in the comments. Although.. I think I know what your reactions are like right now ;D :

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