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In my last video, I called out MegOurWorld for being fake. A lot of people seemed to have mixed emotions about this due to her friends commenting and defending Meg. Here are some of my responses to what people have said.

Jealousy and envy.

C: Act your age. You are so immature. Grow up!
A: YouTube is immature. ourWorld is immature. Most anything in life is immature. In fact, your comment is immature. 1v1 me.

C: Meg is a teen. You’re making fun of someone way younger than you!
A: Meg is an adult (she said so herself). Also, bigger YouTubers have called out teens countless times like leafyishere, ricegum, scarce, and many others. You should go voice your opinion on their channels. They actually call out teens. I do not.

C: Just because you gave meg a shoutout doesn’t mean she owes you anything.
A: I’ve given shout outs to MANY people. I’ve never asked anyone for anything in return. And I especially didn’t ask for these people to talk shit behind my back. All I ever did was try to help them.

C: Your audience is too young for these kind of videos.
A: This claim holds no validity and is not true. Most my videos are Rated G and a few are PG-13. This is YouTube. Bigger YouTubers with a much bigger audience have uploaded more sexualized content and they have a much younger audience as well.

C: Most people who watch your videos are 9 or lied about their age.
A: How would you know? They are not my responsibility. Take it up with their parents.

C: I can’t believe you exposed her real picture!
A: Actually, she exposed herself whenever she uploaded her picture to FaceBook. Was it morally wrong? Sure. But trust me, her friends have said and done worst to me. I know it still doesn’t make it right and I am prepared to apologize whenever Feg does.

C: Why didn’t you just solve this in private?
A: These people have been harassing me for years and saying bad things about me that simply are not true. The best way to fight a bully you can’t ignore is to punch them in the face.

C: Will you end this drama?
A: Soon.

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