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Royal Avarice Mystery Box

Available: May 2010 – July 2010
Royal Avarice Box
-Females- -Males- -Unisex-
Imperial Avarice Coat
Stately Avarice Dress
Eminent Avarice Dress
Lavish Avarice Gown
Nobility Avarice Dress
Imperial Avarice Dress
Regal Avarice Dress
Regal Avarice Dress
Imperial Avarice Boots

Imperial Avarice Surcoat
Imperial Avarice Shirt
Chain Mail Avarice Surcoat
Insert Name Here
Eminent Avarice Shirt
Imperial Avarice Boots
Nobility Avarice Vest
Imperial Avarice Coat
Lavish Avarice Jacket

Stately Avarice Jacket
Chain Mail Avarice Helmet
Lofty Avarice Halo
Eminent Avarice Crown +20% flow boost
Lofty Avarice Wings +20% flow boost
Conquest Avarice Shield +20% flow boost
Conquest Avarice Sword
Masterful Avarice Specter
Regal Avarice Crown

Jasper the Jester +20% flow boost
-Female Outfits- -Male Outfits-
[outfit goes here]
Imperial Avarice Outfit
Eminent Avarice Outfit


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