Avakin Life

10 Things To Do in Avakin Life if You’re DYING from BOREDOM

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Avakin Life is boring. And with so little to do in the game, you might find yourself saying, “man… this game sucks.” Well I’m here to entertain you and bring everlasting joy to your life for all eternity. You’re welcome.

Avakin Life isn’t as much a game as it is a chatting application. And with bigger and better virtual worlds out there like IMVU or Second Life; Avakin Life only gets by because it’s so mobile. And yet, I still play on a PC because virtual worlds and MMO’s on mobile don’t compare.

HEY!! Aside from my conjecture because I know you don’t wanna read about me rambling for a prolonged period of time. READING! Who does it anymore? To have someone read would be horrible. Torture even. The fact that I’m even dragging this out is wildly sadistic and twisted as if I’m deriving some sick joy or pleasure with every word you read from every sentence. Just the thought of such torment could drive anyone insane. PLEASE just end this now.

Okay, so this was video 44/50 for the Avakin Life series. Needless to say, it was a fun run. Thank you all for watching. Support my work on ourgemcodes. And until next time!!!

(( This video was suggested by boredom… ))

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