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69 likes and I’ll show you how to break Avakin Life… (。◕‿◕。)

Thank you all for watching this tutorial on 3 interesting Avakin Life glitches. It was fun to make.

Glitch #1 – Pose on Seats
You can pose on beds or seats. You can’t see it, but other people can see it. The way it works is simple. Click a seat. Right before you get to the seat, click the camera (this has to be pretty precise). While in camera-mode, click any dance move, pose, emote, etc… Other people will see you dancing in a seating area!

Glitch #2 – The Color Glitch
The color glitch works for girls. Some shirts won’t let you change color but there’s a way around this. Put on the shirt you want to change the color of; then put on a dress. Change the color of that dress to anything you desire. When you’re satisfied, put on some pants. After putting on pants, you will see the shirt has changed colors to whatever the dress was.

Glitch #3 – Sit inside people
When in a seating area, simply click on a seating area and you will sit inside of them. This might be fixed.

Bonus Easter Egg
When putting on a Tattoo, your avatar will appear embarassed from being naked.

There are more glitches than the ones shown in this video. I included the most well-known glitches. There are only a couple other glitches and they aren’t very cool. I hope you enjoyed!

Disclaimer: these glitches may or may not be fixed since the time this video was uploaded.

(( This video was suggested by bugs… ))

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