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Remember that time Mary and I used to rate Avakin Life outfits in 2017? Let’s do that again in 2021

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We’re not actually drunk. It’s a joke.

Mary is quite an amazing person, sometimes. When she’s not trying to absolutely annoy me to death (which is almost always). She’s great, really. I mean that. And just because her outfit choices are pre-made; does not mean her fashion sense is totally horrendous. Haha I’m just kidding. Mary is the best lol x)

So, in regards to consumerism and materialism; it shouldn’t really matter how you dress or what you wear… unless you’re stinky. So even if your fashion sense is trash — it doesn’t mean you need to smell like trash. There’s a difference between hobo-fashion and actually being a hobo. I also don’t believe in caste system. No one is really better than anyone unless it’s a competition which life is not… a competition. Life is just a miserable thing we’re all going through with moment of happiness sprinkled about here and there.

So what I’m saying is this; stop Avakin Class warfare. Not everyone dresses nicely. Fashion is super opinionated. Dress how you want to be perceived. And you don’t need to spend your life-savings on trying to impress strangers who couldn’t care less about you.

Thanks for reading my ramblings. I’m going to go dress up as a panda now.

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0:00 I like turtles and intro
0:42 Coelette Love
1:34 Candycane Lover
2:00 Dollfacedmami
2:34 OGC News
3:40 Angel Dove
4:05 King101105
4:51 OreoMamii
5:57 Sponsor
6:25 DonnyPoo
6:49 Mary Spade
7:46 End of Video

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