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How to EASILY accomplish “The Splits” challenge by Cammie

If you really want to accomplish all of the tasks given by “The Splits” challenge by Cammie in Beat Street..

…and win a Music Mystery Box EASILY and without getting tired on the game…

…all you gotta do is:

Go to Youtube and type “Splitter Pals walkthrough” .

You’ll find videos showing you walkthroughs for the game, which means you will watch people playing the game and all you have to do is just to play it exactly like them, that way you can finish levels faster and complete challenges faster without wasting time to think, which means you will be able to get a lot of Music Mystery Boxes even faster!

Tip: If you find a trouble with accomplishing one specific level then you can always type its number in the search and you’ll find what you’re looking for.

But this doesn’t work for Splitter Pals only! It works for the other games too! Just type the game’s name in Youtube and the word “walkthrough” next to it and probably you’ll find some helping videos.

To all people who already know about this: Please give a chance to other readers who didn’t think of this idea.

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