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10 NOT-SO-SECRET ways people EARN FREE GOLD in HighRise (because who doesn’t want Gold?)

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This HighRise video was ridiculous and half the reasons I listed are the most horrible reasons ever. Were you not entertained?

Method 10 – Do skypass like a normie
Method 9 – Trade like your life depends on it
Method 8 – Bore yourself to death and watch ads
Method 7 – Scam, steal, and commit fraud
Method 6 – Create a fake OnlyFans
Method 5 – Do commissions for credits
Method 4 – Join PandaGang crew
Method 3 – Try the contests
Method 2 – Provide a dating service!
Method 1 – Have generous and rich friends
Bonus Method – Beg like you’re desperate for virtual items

Thank you all for watching. Mary and I are doing an entire 25 video series on HighRise. Subscribe to my channel for more high-quality content. And also, leave a comment down below. How do you earn Gold? Please tell us, senpai. And remember to like the video. It helps alot. As always…

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