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Hit the bell icon and we’ll teach you the ultimate lifehack… (。◕‿◕。)

So what’s a life hack? A life hack is anything that can make your daily life easier.

I didn’t include this one in the video, so this one is for people who actually read. Let’s say a new item just dropped in HighRise and you want it without spending money. Well, if the BlackMarket is available then search for the item. Then send messages to all the people selling that item and negotiate with them for less. Believe it or not, items that come with packages that cost $20 or more will sell for as low as 100g – 250g from the BlackMarket. All you need to do is message the seller! This works for nearly all items on the BlackMarket because people are willing to sell for any gold they can get.

We have a couple more throwaway videos for HighRise that we we’ll upload in the upcoming weeks before an entirely new series that I think you’ll love. Stay notified!

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