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TOP 10 MOST LEGENDARY ITEMS IN HIGHRISE HISTORY! (more like +50 most wanted items)

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#10 – Bubbleyum (Bubble Babble & Bubble Gum Mouth)

Bubbleyum was released May 11th, 2020 as part of the Retro Roller Derby collection. There are only 15 of these items in-game making Bubbleyum worth 500k due to scarcity. That’s equal to 2,000USD.

The Bubble Babble cost around 300k gold. And I should also mention the BubbleGum Mouth which is a BubbleYum ripoff. That ONLY costs around 150k gold. And it’s not even an NFT.

#9 – Queen Crown, Cheerleader Headband and Bunny Ears

HighRise released September of 2014. The very first Legendary released was on September 25th, 2014 and is called the Queen Crown. I should also mention the Cheerleader Headband which was the 13th legendary ever released and the original Black Bunny Ears which was the 18th legendary ever released back in 2015.

#8 – Lovestruck Eyes, Bunny Eyes, and Shining Star Eyes (Lucky Seven Eyes & Wild Caffeine Eyes)

The LoveStruck eyes are the 10th legendary eye to ever release, and arguably the most desired eyes in-game. 6 months later. HighRise released their 11th legendary eye: The Shining Star Eyes. My favorite. Then, another 6 months later, The Bunny Eyes were released. I should also mention Lucky Seven Eyes and Wild Caffeine Eyes.

#7 – Nose Ring and Face Tattoos

Some items in HighRise become popular due to In real life fashion trends. The Nose Ring, for example, became expensive because it’s the hardest nose piercing to get in-game. There are similar items like the Nose Ring with Tattoo and the petite nose ring. Also, Face Tattoos are very popular. A good alternative, and less expensive face tat are the Outbreak Face Tattoos.

#6 – Pig Balloon, and other balloons

Balloon items are highly desired by balloon collectors. These balloons are good for fashion shows were you can stack items to block your opponents view. The most expensive balloon item is this Pig Balloon.

#5 – Undone Dungarees & Draped Leather Jacket

The Draped Leather Jacket cost around 300,000 gold! That’s equal to 1,200USD. And then there’s the Undone Dungarees. Both items came out in 2019 and have stayed in pretty high demand.

#4 – Army rifle, Buster Gun, Shotgun, Revolver, Golden Revolver

The Army Rifle was the first rifle to release in 2016. The first gun, to release, however, was the Buster Gun in 2015 followed by the Shotgun. There’s the revolver released in 2015 and the golden revolver released in 2019.

#3 – Broken Heart Auras

Broken Heart Black Aura
Broken Hearted releasing February 2020.
Pastel Broken Heart Aura releasing Aug 2020.

#2 – Lounge bangs & Heart Buns

Heart Buns sell for over 400k
Lounge Bangs which sell for 250K

#1 – Snoop Feet

Snoop Feet November 04th, 2015.
Black Pup Feet released on November 17th 2020 which cost nearly 50k. Dangerous Bunny Feet released on Apr 15th, 2019 which cost about 40k.

Bumble Buds. March 2017. This is the first Legendary event item awarded for collecting tickets.
Pride Prism. June 02, 2020. First legendary item inspired by a HighRise user, while also supporting gay pride.
Purple Precious. August 2020. First grab that included an exclusive legendary for getting all items within that grab. It looks like Club Penguin’s Puffle.

Angry Eyebrows. July 18th, 2016.
Medusa ring. October 21st, 2016. Only 2 in-game.
Yeti Mouth. November 30th, 2016. It’s a mouth.
Sunburns. June 20th, 2017. There are MANY sunburn items.
Lipgloss mouth. August 04th, 2019. Over-priced.
Phoenix Rise. November 03rd, 2019. Legendary.
Dragon Breath. September 14th, 2020.
Beige Fairy Wedding Dress. October 14th, 2021.
Zesty Eyes
Dragon Child
Pink Bear Set
Blue xMas Set
Christmas Hat

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