EP 4: SCARY! The IMVU Murderer (…a creepypasta based on a true story)

69 likes and I’ll tell you a story… (。◕‿◕。)

The death of Zahra Baker is a true story. I left a few details out of the story due to the length of the video. I didn’t want it to be too long. IMVU can be a scary place. There are all kinds of people on IMVU including convicted murderers, sex offenders, and whatnot. Be careful online. People aren’t always who they make themselves out to be:

Thank you all for watching. I’m doing an entire 25 video series on IMVU. Subscribe to my channel for more high-quality content. And also, leave a comment down below. Are you careful with who you speak to on IMVU? Imagine if IMVU never existed. The two people in this story never have met. Remember to like the video. It helps alot. And as always, My name is Donny. Visit And until next time….

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