SMALLWORLDS | HOW TO LEVEL UP FAST (w/ very boring commentary, awkward jokes, and long video titles)

69 likes and you can get on my level… of that being 69. because i’m level 69. not in smallworlds, but in real life. E-er, anyway… this is a really long intro. kbye (。◕‿◕。)


Did you know I’ve only been playing SmallWorlds consistently for 13 days since this video was uploaded? TBH, i’m a super newb.

*technically I registered in 2010 under Skye logic

How To Level Up. Skill XP (unique levelling system):

There are 7 different skill paths. Each skill path contributes to your OVERALL experience. The higher your experience, the more items you can wear such as wings, capes, and jetpacks.

All Skill paths have a daily XP cap of 1000 XP points. This means that each day, you can earn up to 1000 points in each skill path from midnight to midnight.

Social Skill (Level 499)
– Do Social Missions
– Use the Quiz Machine
– Use the Twitter Board
– Use Guestbook

Explorer Skill (Level 499)
– Do Explorer Missions
– Watch YouTube videos on a TV
– Use the Book of Guests
– Use the Desktop PC
– Use the Kiosk

Gamer Skill (Level 499)
– Do Gamer Missions
– Play pool, mini-folg, chess, chinese chekcers, or fast-draw
– Use any game machine

Farmer Skill (Level 300)
– Earn Farmer XP by growing, cross-pollinating and harvesting planets.

Crafter Skill (Level 200)
– Earn Crafter XP by crafting!

Artist Skill (Level 499)
– Do Art Missions
– Use the Graffiti Canvas
– Use any Flickr Frame, Poster or Mural
– Play Fastdraw
– Use any music player

Arena Skill (Level 499)
– Play Space Jump Rookie
– Play Tombstone Rookie
– Play Magma Core Competitive
– Play Magma Core Professional
– Play Space Jump Magic Mayhem

(( This video was suggested by elevators… ))

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I’d like to thank NOS energy drink for keeping me awake long enough to edit this boring video.

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