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As an enlisted non-commissioned officer in the US Navy, I found Midway extremely stupid and offensive | Reviews

[wpsm_dropcap]M[/wpsm_dropcap]idway is stupid.  You should avoid this movie unless you’re an officer and have a small wee-wee.

Sure, I may be biased. I’m a non-commissioned officer otherwise known as an NCO in the US Navy.  In my experience, NCO’s do most of the hard labor and actual work.  Without us, nothing would perform or function.  But in the movie Midway, officers are rewarded with all the glory while the enlisted personnel are portrayed almost servant-like. All you ever see enlisted do is sweep things in the background. How about I sweep this broom up your ass, Mr. so-called “director”.

Honestly, there’s a part in the film where an officer promotes a sailor from E-4 to an E-6 just because the officer felt like promoting him.  Because officers can do anything, right?  Typically, it would take around 3 years to promote from E-4 to E-6.  Enlisted promotion ranks mean so little in Midway.  It’s almost as if the enlisted don’t matter at all.  What if I said this movie doesn’t matter at all, Mr. SHITHEAD “director.”

I’m on a submarine. The only portrayal of a submarine is shown once in the movie. The submarine shoots a torpedo. Misses. And we never see or hear from that submarine ever again.  As a proud submariner, that’s fucking bullshit.  Submarines sunk over 60% of all ships during world war 2.  I hope I never see or hear another movie directed by whoever-the-fuck made this stupid film.

And don’t even get me started on how Midway glorifies aircraft carriers and pilots.  This entire film should be titled, “DIRECTOR WANTS TO BLOW OFFICER PILOT DICKS” — Fuck this movie.

Midway is stupid.

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