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3 Life Lessons About Mystery Boxes

In our time of playing ourWorld, we’ve learned many life lessons from mystery boxes.  Here are top 3 lessons we’ve learned:

Life Lesson #3: You can’t always get what you want.

Wait, before you say anything, let me guess… -uses psychic abilities borrowed from Psyduck (the pokemon)- …yes, it’s just as we’ve foreseen.  You got a really bad item from a mystery box.  Am I right?  How did we know!?!   It’s because we can read your mind!  And it’s because everyone gets bad items.

Flow Battery

One of the most frustrating things in life is having things turn out different from what you’ve planned them.  It’s disappointing.  Mystery boxes are a lot like disappointment.  You think you’re gonna get a good item them BAM!  You get a bad item.  Now ask yourself, was it really worth spending those gems?

Life Lesson #2: If at first you don’t succeed, then buy another box.

We’ve all wanted those White Crow Wings.  And some of us were determined to get them.  One girl estimated spending over 2,500 gems on the 2009 Fright Box.  And guess what?  She finally found the item she wanted.  That’s called perseverance.


You don’t always have to buy boxes.  You could buy the item from the marketplace, if you have hundreds of millions of coins to spend.  But if you had that many coins, then why not share some with us?  We really really really love you ^^

Life Lesson #1: Things are worth more if unopened.

As cool as the Thrift Shop song was, it’s still not cool to walk around smelling like piss.  That’s why no one likes used things.  They smell like piss (who cares if it’s 99 cents)!  It still smells like piss.  Okay, I think we think you get what we’re thinking. Good.


Anything new is more expensive.  Our best suggestion, sell your boxes on the MP.  Then use your coins to buy what you want.  Good luck.

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