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3 ourWorld Chat Problems

At first, I was positive toward the new chat changes. I thought this was a really good thing. But now, I can’t stand the chat. Mostly because I keep sending PMs to the wrong people! It’s ruining all my secrets!!! Here are 3 big problems with the chat:

3. The friend’s tab is pointless.

problem 1

Who uses the friend’s tab?  It’s clutter.  ourWorld should remove the friend’s tab.  If they did, we’d be able to see more of the screen while we chat.

2. The chat takes up half the screen

problem 2

Even when the chat is at its smallest, it still takes up half the screen. Most of the time, I can’t even see who I’m chatting with! Please ourWorld, change the opacity level or make the chat smaller.

1. You PM the wrong person

problem 3

I’m writing this post is because of this: PMing the wrong person. How many times have you meant to send a message to someone and the wrong person receives it? I’ve done it so many times that I’m about to -facedesk- my keyboard!!!! shd;ag;adsfadsj;fds;hf

Please leave your comments.
Hopefully the devs at ourWorld see this and make a change.


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