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5 Things You Learn From Being OW Famous

So you want to be famous in an online game?  Well that’s great.  But before you plunge into the depths of internet fandom, here are some things you should know.  These experiences were taken from the most popular players in ourWorld.

#5. Expect people to take EVERYTHING you say out of context

One ourWorld star had her private messages exposed publicly.  Some of these messages were photoshopped.  In one such scenario, her account was temporarily banned (due to some ill-advised trolls).

out of context much

When people know who you are, they want to twist your words.  But what can you expect?  Some people have the reading comprehension of a snail.

#4. You’re a spam magnet and troll target.

Realize this: people want you to fail.  If you’re popular, then people will hate you (maybe it’s jealousy or envy, we don’t know).  But anyone who’s popular will have to deal with cyber-bullies.  It’s the internet, after all.


Always remember, bullies don’t know you.  Bullies like to bring people down to make themselves feel better.  The best thing you can do is stay positive.  Smile and turn the other cheek.  Ignore them.  Negative people are not worth your time.

#3. You should expect harassment or crazy messages.

We reported a story about an ourWorld stalker. Supposedly, a girl found someone’s number online and texted him for months.  Some texts including things like, “I know where you live.”  and “I’m gonna rape you.”  Needless to say, the authorities were involved.

He totally said we could take a picture.
He totally said we could take a picture.

Popularity attracts crazy people.  You’ll get threatening messages and you’ll be harassed.  Have fun with that.

#2. You’ll get gifts and awesome messages.

There are people on ourWorld who are positive and supportive.  When you get fan-mail, it’s the best feeling in the world.  It’s like saying to yourself, “Is this real life?”  We save all our fan mail.

Pillows wins AWESOME of the month

Be thankful if someone sends you a gift or awesome message.

#1. You’ll have real fans, that are virtual.

You’ll have real fans. They’ll follow you on social networks.  They’ll watch you from a distance.  You can’t see or feel them. But like guardian angels, you know they’re there.

Someone loves you?! WDF -spits out milk-
Someone loves you?! WDF HOW -spits out milk-

Your fans know everything about you. But you’ll rarely get the chance to know anything about them.  Whenever you meet a fan, always be thankful.  Because believe it or not, they took time out of their lives to think about you.  The least you could do is think about them.  Stay humble.

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Disclaimer: Being ourWorld famous does not give you a hall pass to mistreat others. And vice versa, just because you know someone is popular doesn’t mean you should cyber-bully them.  At no point in time is anyone privileged to mistreat others (even online).  It’s not all about popularity and fame.  A FEW GOOD FRIENDS ARE BETTER THAN A LOT OF AVERAGE FRIENDS.

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