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6 Ways of Making “Friends”

Sometimes, making friends on ourWorld can be hard.  New players aren’t always welcomed.  Some groups don’t accept newcomers or people with no items. But lucky for you, we’ve listed 6 ways of making friends:

#6. Be a friend stealer.

When your friend introduces you to a friend, then you are permitted to steal them.  It’s basic friend-stealing 101.  Also, any enemy of your enemy is your friend.  So make lots of enemies, and you’ll make lots of friends… Or something like that.


There is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with chocolate.

#5. Get to know people on your friend’s list.

All too often on ourWorld, you’ll add people and never talk to them. On one occasion, someone had 50 people online and didn’t talk to a single one! It’s called a “friend’s” list for a reason. Try to keep it limited to exclusive friends rather than strangers.


Fun Fact: Skye Pie’s friends list is limited to only exclusive ourWorld members.

#4. Talk to strangers

You can’t meet new people without talking to new people. Get to know someone before adding them. If you think they’re cool then create a friendship. If they’re not cool then move along.


Fun fact:  Skye Pie’s favorite hangout is cake mania.  There are lots of new players there who actually chat.

#3. Participate in the forums.

Join the OGC Forums.  You’ll meet lots of cool people who are just like you!  Lots of posts you see on the front page of OGC come from our forum.  Hangout and get to know people there.


Want to hear a good joke?  The official forums -troll face-

#2. Join an ourWorld Crew

There’s a crew for everything.  They’re all equally impressive.  Get to know your crew members or create one of your own.  The best crews are ones that involve you with all the members.

Don't Flame

Fun fact:  The crew that use to sponsor OGC was called Cereal Killers.  They liked cereal.

#1. Be nice and friendly to everyone

Nice people attract attention from everyone. Our best advice to be as friendly as possible, and you’ll meet friends in no time.



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