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7 ourWorlders You Try To Avoid

Are you an annoying ourWorlder?  No worries.  This post is for fun.  Here are 7 annoying ourWorlders:

#7. The “I’m not a stalker. I just like to follow you… EVERYWHERE.”

Do you stalk your friends without asking?  Do you throw parties in their condos while they’re AFK?  Well it’s okay!  We do this too.  And to be honest, stalking isn’t too annoying… if it’s people you like ;D


The term stalker is as over-diagnosed as ADHD is in children.  Anyone who checks someone else’s profile is labeled a stalker.  If you go to someone’s condo, then you’re labeled a stalker.  Everyone cyber-stalks.  Welcome to the club :P

#6. The “I’m not depressed, but I like to tell people I cut myself.”

Holds a blade to my wrist and cries out, “NOW DO YOU LOVE ME!?!?!!! xO”


“Ya, dats rite. Bettah love me, bjtch.”


Some of us are depressed from all our first world problems like our iPhones being dead or ourWorld loading slowly.  There’s nothing worst than people who complain about how bad they’ve got it.


The correct term we’re looking for is Munchausen Syndrome.  It’s a serious mental disorder in which someone with a deep need for attention pretends to be sick or gets sick or injured on purpose.  But those who are most depressed tend to stop talking altogether.  They’ve lost interest in life itself and see no reason to continue living.  Try to decipher between the ones who need help and the ones who don’t.

#5.  The “All you ever talk about is Sex, and you’re beginning to scare me.”

Any sex addict is any human male over the age of 12.  And Some people make “secs” parties.  Now does ourWorld make more sense?


Those who ONLY talk or joke about sex can become annoying fast.  Especially the ones who say, “Baby…it wasn’t my fault I slept with your best friend…I’m a sex addict…I can’t help it.”

#4. The “I’m not a drama queen, but I’m telling everyone that you’re mean.”

Drama queens can turn something unimportant into a major deal.  They’ll spread rumors and blow things way out of proportion whenever the chance is given.


“OH MY GOD!!!  You copied that without giving the other person credit!  That is just mean.  You’re a horrible person.  Don’t talk to me.  I’m gonna go tell everyone what a cruel person you are just so they will pay attention to me and think I’m cool.”  – Based on a true story, sadly.

#3. The “I’m better than you because my items are super rare.”

So you’ve been playing ourWorld for years?  Wow, you must be so proud of yourself.


Nothing is worst than a arrogant jerk who feels entitled to treat others poorly *coughjustinbiebercough* Try to avoid these people.  They will bring everyone else down to make themselves feel better.




Trolls will purposely and deliberately start an argument without listening to the arguments proposed by his or her peers.  They’ll type in all caps and spam.  They’ll call you names and talk about how horrible you are.  The best way to manage a troll is to pay absolutely no attention to them.

#1. The “Plz trade with me or gift me an item off my wishlist. K Thnx. Bai.”

*holds out hands in cupping position*  Please take mercy on a poor person… and send me all 2 thousand items on my wishlist! xD

The beggar is by far the most annoying person on ourWorld.  They will make up sob stories about how their family is poor (yet they can afford a computer and internet connection).  They’ll always plotting to get gifts out of you.  You can read our post on 6 ways to spot a scammer here.


The best kinds of people are those who are friendly and supportive of others.  They say peculiar things that are out-of-the ordinary and have a mental capacity that’s bigger than the subject of sex or “trolling for entertainment”.  On ourWorld, be kind to everyone.

DISCLAIMER: This list makes up 90% of ourWorld.  And nowhere on this list do we imply that any of these people are less than human, besides the trolls.  They’re a breed of their own.  Enjoy reading our list and please don’t take offense to any of these.  It’s mostly for fun.

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