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8 Most Popular ourWorld Players 2013

OGC ran a closed survey asking ourWorlders who they thought were the most popular players in 2013.  We got some interesting feedback on some players we didn’t even know existed!

#8. Most Popular ourWorld Tumblr: Floral Prints

Tumblr is rated in the top 25 websites in the world.  Floral Prints has the most popular ourWorld Tumblr blog.  Her blog has been around for nearly a year.  And her posts mostly consist of “ourWorld memes” as her blog title suggests.


#7. Most Popular Official Forumer: Seductive Prince | Rakk | Karen

This was a hard category to judge.  There are so many popular ourWorld forumers (all equally worthy of praise in their own respects).  In 2013, we believe these members have shown great dedication to their work and contributions to the official forums.  Seductive Prince is a moderator on the forum and has helped players immensely.  Then there’s Rakk (who demanded we add him to this post just because -.-) Seductive Prince Disclaimer:  This is a reflection of a survey we conducted in 2013.  We realize there are many popular forumers.

#6. Most Popularity Points: ICE MAN 911 | Bianca Dimes

Not that popularity points matter.  But if ourWorld ran a popularity contest and was judged on points, then Bianca Dimes and ICE MAN 911 would win.  Hands down.  They have the most points in ourWorld.  No one even comes close. biancadimes iceman

#5. Most Popular ourWorld FM DJ: Xado | Trixterman | Only | Tony Greyson

ourWorld FM is the most popular ourWorld radio station and has been around for nearly a year.  It’s recently been rumored that this station will stream directly into a certain part of ourWorld.  However, this rumor has not yet been confirmed.  Xado has been with ourWorldFM since its creation and is an admin on the site.  You can listen to ourWorld FM as DJ’s stream regularly.

ourWorld FM

#4.  Most Popular OGCF Member: Eminem | Bladicus

OGCF is debated to be the best ourWorld Forum, boasting with over 550,000 user messages and over 15,000 registered users.  Eminem has been with OGCF since the very beginning.  You can join the forums by clicking here.


#3.  Most Popular Crew Leader(s): owGods Naughty | owGods Venus

This category was highly debated.  We’ve only listed the most popular players in 2013 (who are active).  owGods Naughty and owGods Venus have been playing since 2009.  And in that time, they’ve gotten to know a lot of people and are well known among many users.  Lady Epic should have been here.  However, Lady Epic hasn’t been on ourWorld for months.  owgods Disclaimer: We are only reporting about the leaders of owGods and how the leaders are popular.  We have no affiliation with their crew.

#2. Most popular ourWorld YouTuber: ourWorldRhythm

ourWorldRhythm (or TweedieDoo) has the biggest ourWorld YouTube channel with over 2,800 subscribers.  She doesn’t upload regularly but anytime she does, her videos are worth watching.  TweedieDoo may not be the most liked person in ourWorld, but she is a talented director.


#1.  Most Popular Player: Lubuking

If you don’t know who Lubuking is then you’ve probably never played ourWorld.  Lubuking has been playing since 2009.  He has every item in the game in every color (mostly).  His condo is rated number 1 in the ourWorld directory for most expensive, top rated, and most active condo.  He’s also well known among the richest and most popular players in ourWorld.  Lubuking is the most popular player in 2013. lubuking Popular traders were not included (because there are way too many popular traders or rich players in ourWorld) such as Rare, Slick, Eid, etc…

Disclaimer:  The names were taken from a closed survey we conducted in 2013.

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