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Fan Art Saturday!

Hello there, it’s that time of week again! It’s time for Fan Art Saturday! Are you guys ready to witness more wonderful art? Well I hope so, because I have another awesome artist this week, and I have been eager to post this artist’s work. Now to the artwork, shall we..?


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AAHHHHHHH, IT’S ALL SO GORGEOUS. EACH AND EVERY ARTWORK PIECE THAT IS IN THIS POST IS ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS. Phew..I’m sorry, sometimes I just get overwhelmed by the awesome talent some people out there have. Alright you know what time it is’s time to tell you the artist who made this wonderful artwork. This week’s fan art Saturday artist is…



You may contact her here

Aloise draws in I believe 3 different styles, from the artwork I have posted here. She draws in an anime style, a chibi style and I also believe a few of her art pieces are leaning towards the semi realistic style, but perhaps only I see that! Aloise sadly doesn’t take requests although has a wonderful little art gallery, with some pieces that I inserted above and more. That may be seen here. What I really do enjoy about her artwork is that she draws emotions very well, so when looking at the artwork you really do understand how the person/people feel because of the emotion being placed on their face. Especially the 2 last art pieces, for the second last one, you can see that the people are just having fun with each other and do enjoy the company of each other and for the last one you can clearly see that the 2 people are deeply in love and are just happy that they have each other. I’m not the only one who has noticed this, because other comments have been made about how well she may express emotions in her artwork!

It’s quite difficult to choose a favorite, so I shall choose 2 favourites! My 2 favourites are the first art piece and the last art piece. I really do enjoy the way the first art piece is drawn, it just looks very nice and I enjoy the outfit the avatar is wearing, aha. I enjoy the last art piece because as stated already, in especially that art piece, you can see that the 2 people have deep love and affection for each other. Anyways, which one is your favourite? Comment your answer below!

Would you like your ourWorld fan art posted on the front page of OGC? Well you may contact myself here! It’s not certain that I will post your artwork, although I shall definitely take a look at it, and it shall be judged on many things.

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