Fan Art Saturday!

Good morning, Good afternoon and Good night OGC…er’s?

Yet again its Saturday, so there is even more fan art! -do i even have to tell you anymore?

See, I was so worried about who to follow Mr Blade’s wonderful art with, then thankfully I remember this wonderful girl’s art my friend pointed out to me.

Who did do this art? well, Narwhal, of course. Isn’t her art just wonderful?! She even said she would do a drawing for me and I just can’t wait! She even has a request thread, however she is so buried under requests she has had to pause the flow of them for a moment but ‘keep your eyes pealed’

Now, my favorite is the second, however whats yours? reply below maybe?

Or even tell her yourself with this link!


Want your art featured here on OGC? Submit it to the forums!

Or maybe even contact me yourself?! Luna



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