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The Super Rare Theory

Source: ourWorld Memes

The Super Rare Theory is an assertion made by Skye Pie in 2012 that has become an ourWorld adage.  It states: “As an ourWorld discussion grows longer, the probability of someone discussing Super Rare items approaches closer.”

In other words, Skye said that, given enough time, in any ourWorld discussion—regardless of topic or scope—someone will eventually bring up the subject of super rare items and how they wish they had them (or how they have them).

At no point in time do super rare items mark the value of someone’s worth.  The true worth of anyone lies in the person’s character and not by what they wear.  We were all noobs once.  So be kind to everyone.

***In 2013, this is no longer a theory, as much as it is fact.

Donny Pie

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